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The Digital Museum – curating the digital experience for museums


The Digital Museum is a blog for anyone involved in the museum sector who wants to learn about, or share knowledge and experience on, digital engagement.

It was born out of a project  The Digital Museum blog authors John Brunsdon and Claire Sully, of Tickbox Marketing, have carried out on behalf of the South West Museum Development Partnership – helping museums across the South West of England develop effective digital engagement strategies.

The aim of this blog is to provide a place where anyone involved with museums can share what they know to help others make the most of digital – that includes museum staff, volunteers, trustees, curators, or even just people who love visiting museums.

Sharing experience and expertise can help us all build on the great work being carried out by museums worldwide, and help create more Digital Museums.

Have you done something with digital that you’d like to share? If you are interested in writing a guest blog for this site, please contact us with your suggested post and we can share it with our online community.

What is a Digital Museum?

A Digital Museum is simply a museum that delivers its vision and experience effectively to its audience using digital tools.

The digital tools are only a platform - the real work is in delivering that vision and experience: that’s just what you do every day, whether you are a trustee, volunteer, curator, front-of-house staff or chairperson!

This blog aims to help demystify technology and show you that digital is simply a tool that helps you do what you already do more effectively and efficiently.

We don’t believe in digital for its own sake, but as an enabler for your vision of your museum – taking the work that goes on in all areas of your museum out to a bigger and more included audience

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