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Bridport Museum Case Study


Case Studies from the SWMDP Digital Engagement Programme 2014

This museum had just submitted a Stage 1 bid to HLF to completely re-develop the museum. Part of this project will be to create a new website. They also plan to review and improve their digital engagement by, for example, using social media for consultation work on the proposals and getting more detail about their collections online.

The curator felt that participation in the Digital Engagement project would help the museum expand and diversify its audiences by finding alternative ways of connecting with people who don’t necessarily visit the museum.

The audit by Tickbox Marketing praised the conversational tone of the museum’s Twitter activity and its use of Flickr. However, the museum’s digital engagement is hampered by technical, structural and content difficulties with the website and the museum was urged to try tone replicate the casual, enjoyable tone of a museum visit on its online platforms.

Though participants found that the workshop tried to cram too much in, it nevertheless inspired them to improve their digital engagement and gave them the tools to draw up their strategy.

Since participating in the project the museum has created a digital strategy (sensibly embedded within their forward plan) and launched a completely revamped website –

The project lead at the museum would recommend taking part in the 2014/2015 Digital Engagement Project to others and is happy to talk to anyone wishing to find out more. Contact Emily Hicks through the museum website.

‘The most useful things we took away were the advice about the strategy being an organisation-wide activity; it also helped us come up with a vision for our ‘brand’ and gave us the impetus to write the digital strategy’.

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