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Community Heritage Access Centre Case Study

luftonCase Studies from the SWMDP Digital Engagement Programme 2014

Digital engagement is vital to CHAC as its website and social media presence are the organisation’s main windows of display to its public since the museum in the town centre closed some years back.  The Centre is a treasure trove of local collections – ideal content for engaging diverse audiences

The Centre joined the project to take stock of their current activity and see what improvements could be made.  It has a small paid workforce and a team of volunteers.

The audit by Tickbox Marketing provided useful feedback on how to make the website easier to navigate and more user friendly.  As with many museums, the team at CHAC depend on their local authority IT department to update their site, giving less than ideal flexibility. The audit also advised using Facebook and Twitter less to announce what’s on and more as a platform for two way conversations with users.

The workshop gave delegates a greater understanding of what is meant by digital engagement and inspired them to get started straight away on their digital engagement strategy.  They submitted their draft to the consultants for comment within two weeks of the workshop and received useful feedback which will enable them to work with their MDO to create a robust document to guide their activity.

One of their goals is to set up blog, and they did this in March this year.  One section is called ‘Fish Fridays’.  Why?  Check out the site to find out

The project lead at the museum would recommend taking part in the 2014/2015 Digital Engagement Project to others and is happy to talk to anyone wishing to find out more.  Contact Clare Robinson through the CHAC website

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