The Digital Museum

Digital Museum workshops go West at American Museum

The world is now digital.  The way we communicate has changed irrevocably.  Your museum’s audience will expect to get a sense of your museum through your digital presence across multi-platforms. 

This is not as complicated as it sounds, it merely needs you to replicate what you do so well at your museum with digital tools, encouraging interactions and conversations as naturally as you see around you during the day to day.   It can’t merely be done by one centralised group of people, it has to be a organisation-wide effort, built up over time and by making many small steps together.

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WW1 Online – 5 digital museum projects around the Great War


Image: Adam Jacobs: 1885 bei der Armee. From

Museums across the UK have launched projects to mark the centenary of WW1. We look at 5 examples of museums using online platforms to connect with their audience and deliver the digital museum experience around the Great War anniversary.

1: The Imperial War Museum: Lives of the First World War

We looked at this project in an earlier blog post, and it’s still one of the most impressive uses of digital research and sharing out there. Users are invited to add to the growing archive of information on servicemen and women who served overseas during the conflict. It’s a great mix of official archive material and human stories, with an emphasis on user-generated content

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Thornbury and District Museum Case Study

thornburyCase Studies from the SWMDP Digital Engagement Programme 2014

Thornbury and District Museum joined the project because the volunteer workforce felt their current website was not conducive to doing simple things easily, using up time at the expense of creating engaging content.  The project came just at the right time for them, as they had started discussing how they might go about developing a brief for a new, more efficient website prior to seeking grant aid. They felt the project would help them clarify and develop their thinking about how they could move forward digitally.

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Community Heritage Access Centre Case Study

luftonCase Studies from the SWMDP Digital Engagement Programme 2014

Digital engagement is vital to CHAC as its website and social media presence are the organisation’s main windows of display to its public since the museum in the town centre closed some years back.  The Centre is a treasure trove of local collections – ideal content for engaging diverse audiences

The Centre joined the project to take stock of their current activity and see what improvements could be made.  It has a small paid workforce and a team of volunteers.

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Bridport Museum Case Study


Case Studies from the SWMDP Digital Engagement Programme 2014

This museum had just submitted a Stage 1 bid to HLF to completely re-develop the museum. Part of this project will be to create a new website. They also plan to review and improve their digital engagement by, for example, using social media for consultation work on the proposals and getting more detail about their collections online.

The curator felt that participation in the Digital Engagement project would help the museum expand and diversify its audiences by finding alternative ways of connecting with people who don’t necessarily visit the museum.

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