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Museum digital strategists look to roll out volunteer engagement programme nationally

hanfdsBuilding on an extensive digital museum training programme in the South West and a pilot volunteer engagement programme, a museum-specialist digital company are looking to roll-out a national Volunteer Makers Engagement Training and Support Programme.

Tickbox, based in Bristol, will be building on their Volunteer Makers training and development pilot programme they ran from Jan-April 2016.  This proved demand for their volunteer engagement development model and follows a successful 3-year digital engagement project run for the SW Museum Development Programme where they worked with over 40 museums across the South West to help them create a digital engagement strategy.

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SW museums invited to share and learn digital experience

Museums from across the South West are being invited to join others at a forum in Bristol on 26th March to mark 3 successful years of the SW Museum Digital Engagement Project.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet project participants to hear about their digital engagement successes, share tips and learn about how to overcome the challenges of staying engaged with your audience and putting collections online.

We’ll also be looking for Digital Champions – museums who have taken the next step with their digital engagement to make  a real difference, and who can share their experience with others.

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Digital Museum workshops go West at American Museum

The world is now digital.  The way we communicate has changed irrevocably.  Your museum’s audience will expect to get a sense of your museum through your digital presence across multi-platforms. 

This is not as complicated as it sounds, it merely needs you to replicate what you do so well at your museum with digital tools, encouraging interactions and conversations as naturally as you see around you during the day to day.   It can’t merely be done by one centralised group of people, it has to be a organisation-wide effort, built up over time and by making many small steps together.

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